Cornish Cheese Company - Meet our suppliers

Here at the Chough, we pride ourselves on using the finest quality ingredients in our products and do our utmost to source these from local suppliers.

We thought it would be nice to showcase some of these suppliers so that you can see exactly where the ingredients that we use in our pasties and other products come from.

We know that food provenance is important to our customers and it’s equally important to us too to use the freshest, highest quality local ingredients that we can.

Introducing you to the Cornish Cheese Company

We are proud to use award winning Cornish blue from the Cornish Cheese Company in our delicious steak and blue cheese pasties

Cornish Blue has been produced on the Stansfield’s farm on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall since 2001. At that time, milk prices had collapsed and dairy farmers were facing a struggle to survive. No blue cheese was being made in Cornwall and not wanting to compete with Stilton, they realised that all the softer, milder blue cheeses were all being imported, so Cornish Blue was born.

Being just on the edge of Bodmin Moor, Knowle Farm is ideally placed for cheesemaking, as the very moist climate makes for good pasture. This is important for the local milk that goes into the cheese.

Making the cheese

The manufacture of Cornish blue is carried out entirely by hand by skilled cheesemakers using locally sourced milk and vegetarian rennet. Once made, the cheeses enter the maturing room for 12-14 weeks to achieve their full character and flavour. They are checked daily and turned weekly. Once ready to eat, they are cut and packed by hand.

Solar panel energy helps power the electric for the dairy and farm buildings. Heat recovery systems are used to recycle and clean the air from their pasteuriser rooms, in order to heat the cheesemaking rooms.

Cheeses are packaged in recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials.


Cornish Blue won its first award in 2004 followed shortly after by Supreme Champion at the Bath & West show.

In 2010 Cornish Blue was crowned as World Champion Cheese, beating thousands of cheeses around the world.

Cornish Blue is now exported around the world and in 2017 a goat’s cheese version was introduced. This has won multiple awards. A Cornish Brie was introduced in July 2023 and a Cornish Camembert is on the horizon.

More information about the Cornish Cheese company can be found on their website where their individual cheeses can be purchased direct.